My Desk or How I Work

This is my desk.

The screens starting from the left

  • iPad (1st gen)
  • AOC USB Monitor
  • My laptop
  • AOC 24″ monitor

My laptop is a HP ENVY dv6 behind it is a 4Tb hard drive. I use a Logitech K350 keyboard and mouse set and I have a Logitech F310 wired gamepad.

Other things on my desk are my wireless charge for my Note 4, a cup for water and a cup for tea. I also keep various notepads on my desk for if I need to write a quick note. I also have LED lights on the desk if I need more light. and my Bose QC15 headphones.

The last thing on my desk is one of the more important things on my desk. It is a frog statue, my wife’s nickname was frog so it is a little reminder of her I keep on my desk, like she is watching me to make sure I’m doing my homework.

I’m already ready for next semester, the classes I’m taking plus the class I took an Incomplete in. Well more like my professor telling me that I’m taking an Incomplete.

Hopefully in the next semester I’ll try to be a little better organized.

Cancer Strikes my Family… Again

In late August my Dad was diagnosed with cancer. Today he passed away. I was on my flight from Manchester to Charlotte on my way back to Tech. And my brother was texting me to call. I told him I was in flight and could only text. So he told me over text. Not the best way to find out your last surviving parent is dead but I understand cause it was the only way.

At least my dad isn’t hurting anymore.

As for me, I’m staying here to finish the semester then go home in time for the funeral.


We went to Boston, we went in with a great plan for all the things we wanted to do. Well, we didn’t do much. It was so cold walking around Boston was brutal. So we walked around for a little while then hung out at the hotel and watched the Patriots game in Boston.

I like to think we had fun.

Then next morning we went to Cambridge, with the goal of walking around Harvard and MIT. The only problem classes were still in session and we couldn’t find a place to park.

So we ended up in Newbury Port. We walked around there and had lunch then headed back to Dover.


I was able to sneak out of the conference to do a little sight seeing. On a Saturday afternoon at 5pm most of the touristy things were closed. Oh well. I might try to get back in the future.

I did go to the Reading Terminal Market. I ate there twice and did some shopping. I ate at a soul food place and had chicken and waffles. It was good. I also ate in the buffet in the back. It was quick and pretty good. I also bought some tea (Are you really surprised?)

I also bought a frog statue. Why a frog? My wife collected frogs, but she collected them because her nickname in her family was frog, so I bought a frog to have a little piece of her with me.

Here are some pics from the trip.

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