The Podcast List

Over the last few years I’m stopped watching as much tv and start listen and watching more podcasts. Now I have a pretty large list of podcasts I’m subscribed too and always looking for new ones. So I’m going to list the ones I listen too and hopefully get some new suggestions.

  • After Things – This started as the post show to Weird Things, but they broke it out into its own podcast.
  • Apple Byte – A podcast with Brian Tong that talks about the good and bad in the Apple universe.
  • Clockwise – Four tech stories with four voice always in 30 minutes of less.
  • CNET First Look – A quick review of new products.
  • CNET How To – Quick how to videos, usually how to set up phones and other devices.
  • CNET News – Tech news updates.
  • CNET Update – Daily recap of the days tech news.
  • Coverville – A podcast that plays covers.
  • Current Geek – The weekly proceedings of the Frogpants all-stars.
  • Daily Tech News Show (DTNS) – A tech podcast by Tom Merritt.
  • Dear Veronica – Sadly this show is ending but it was a weekly podcast by Veronica Belmont.
  • Film Sack – Four guys get together to discuss bad movies.
  • FSL Tonight – Sports radio for a made up fantasy game.
  • Googlicious – A review of the latest happenings in the Google world.
  • Grumpycast – Three guys (one of them in spandex) sitting in barber chairs being grumpy
  • Hotline Monday – It is your drive time call in show with Justin R Young and Scott Johnson
  • Hypothetical Help – It is a help show but all the help is purely hypothetical
  • JuRY – It is a one mic show where Justin Robert Young talks about whatever he likes.
  • Major Spoilers – They spoil the best in geek culture.
  • The Morning Stream – It is a daily radio morning show but better with Scott Johnson and Brian Ibbott.
  • Night Attack – A totally Not Safe for Work comedy show hosted by Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young <>
  • Podcast Without Pretense – The best podcast of 2014.
  • Politics Politics Politics – Justin Robert Young’s take on the American presidential election of 2016.
  • Rocket -Countdown to excitement! Every week Christina Warren, Brianna Wu and Simone de Rochefort have accelerated geek conversation. Tech, comics, movies, games and books, no galaxy is off limits!
  • The Talk of Shame – Comedians tell an embarrassing story.
  • Tek Thing – Patrick Norton and Shannon Morse talk tek.
  • Tell It Anyway – Jennie Josephson invites friend to tell stories around a theme.
  • Top Five – Four guys and each bring a top 5 list around a theme.
  • We Have Concerns – Jeff Cannata and Anthony Carboni discuss things that concern them.
  • Weird Things – Brian Brushwood, Andrew Mayne, and Justin Robert Young talk about weird things.

UI Stencils | Everyday Carry Kit

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Source: UI Stencils | Everyday Carry Kit

I think these looks great. I wish I had a need for them, maybe if I ever go into design work I will pick some of these up. Or maybe after I get an engineering job, I have pick up a set of these so I can work on apps on the side.