The End of the Road

Starting in June, if you go to Las Vegas and want to park at any on the MGM properties, well you will have to pay for parking.  Free parking, cheap food, and free drinks were the ways the casinos would lure people to Las Vegas.

The cheap food has pretty much gone away (although you can still get a 99 cent shrimp cocktail at the Golden Gate casino) but the quality of the food has surpassed the need for cheap food. Some of the best meals I’ve had were in Las Vegas.

Free drinks will always be a thing in Las Vegas, a drunk gambler will bet more. I’m guessing on that but I’m sure the casinos have done studies.

Free parking, well not at the MGM resorts, the way I see it if hotel rooms are pretty much the same across the strip then extra 50 dollars that you will have to pay for parking might just make a difference. I wonder if enough people stop visiting the MGM properties if they will stop the parking fees?


Reviewing my Vegas Trip

I stayed at Treasure Island for two nights and New York New York for three nights. My original plan was to stay for two nights on the strip then head downtown for three nights. But there inst as much to do downtown so I found something cheaper on the strip for the three nights.

It was my first time staying at both of these hotels. I paid for an upgrade to a  suite. I did this so if I was losing too much in the casinos I could just relax in the rooms.

The Best

  • Shake Shack – This was almost as good as In n Out
  • The hot tub at New York New York – It was part of the room so it wasn’t isolated. It also didn’t have a timer knob so you didn’t have to get out turn the knob and get back in.
  • Dream – She was a server at Rice and Company, she was really nice and she was Thai so it was nice to hear the accent.
  • Shepard’s Pie – I had this at Nine Fine Irishmen, so good and huge.

The Worst

  • Treasure Island housekeeping.
  • White Castle – It was ok, I was hoping the onions wouldn’t be so raw after sitting on the flat top. The chicken rings were good.
  • Being alone.


Shake Shack < In n Out But it is Pretty Close

Sorry pics of the Shake Shack food. It was good an I was hungry and ate it too quickly.

My cousin asked me if it was better than In n Out, it isn’t but it is pretty close.

The one is Vegas when I got in line was pretty short there were only two people in line in front of me and I was able to get a table.  I got a double Smoke Stack, cheese fries, and a root beer float.

I usually have a rule about not eating at places in Vegas that I can have in LA, but I think I might make an exception for Shake Shack.