My Desk or How I Work

This is my desk.

The screens starting from the left

  • iPad (1st gen)
  • AOC USB Monitor
  • My laptop
  • AOC 24″ monitor

My laptop is a HP ENVY dv6 behind it is a 4Tb hard drive. I use a Logitech K350 keyboard and mouse set and I have a Logitech F310 wired gamepad.

Other things on my desk are my wireless charge for my Note 4, a cup for water and a cup for tea. I also keep various notepads on my desk for if I need to write a quick note. I also have LED lights on the desk if I need more light. and my Bose QC15 headphones.

The last thing on my desk is one of the more important things on my desk. It is a frog statue, my wife’s nickname was frog so it is a little reminder of her I keep on my desk, like she is watching me to make sure I’m doing my homework.

Recapping SWE 16

I just got back from the SWE (Society of Women Engineers) conference. I’ve been a member for a few years. This year I went mostly to talk to people that used to work with my wife. To make sure they knew she passed since she only worked with a lot of the women through emails and conference calls. I know that other people there could do it, but I thought that it should fall to me to do it.

I managed to hit the career fair and I was able to talk to a couple of companies. I need to follow up with them by looking up intern reqs.

The highlight was able to spend time with one of my friends. We met back at CSUN when I was doing history. Back then she told me to go into computer science and not that I’m doing computer engineering, she will never stop telling me, “I told you so.” The second high point of the weekend was I won a 50 dollar Amazon gift card. So there’s that.

The downside was I had a slight breakdown, I was just missing her so much since this was her element she loved the conference and I was alone.

I asked my friend who had lost her husband a few years ago, if it gets easier. She said it doesn’t, it is like losing a limb, you learn to adapt. I hope I can learn fast.

Here are some pics from the conference

2016-10-28-22-32-16 2016-10-28-22-31-19 2016-10-28-22-29-21 2016-10-28-22-21-10 2016-10-29-19-51-29 2016-10-29-13-00-32 2016-10-29-12-46-56

All Stations Conn, Going Deep

Time to go deep and get back to the grind. I’ve been letting myself get distracted and need to remember why I’m here, why I’m back in school. Originally it was to get my degree and head home to be with her. Well fate has a way of changing plans. So my new one is to get my degree and put these skills to good use and hopefully use the skills I learned as a historian to added use.

In an effort to do that I need to focus at the things right in front of me. Four engineering classes. I need to put them in their place and get through them. If that means going deep and becoming a ghost in the sea, then that is what I need to do.

To quote Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, your senior Drill Instructor  Because I am hard, you will not like me. But the more you hate me, the more you will learn. I am hard but I am fair.

And that in a nutshell in engineering at Virginia Tech.

Coming up to Periscope Depth

This has been a pretty busy week. I just finished my first major design project for my Introduction to Computer Engineering class. Then I had a lab for Circuit Analysis, and a test for the Circuit Analysis lecture. I still have homework to do but I left that book on campus so I’ll have to do it tomorrow. So for a little bit tonight I get to catch my breath, relax then start it all over again tomorrow.

My trip to the SWE conference is rapidly approaching I need to start getting my stuff together. I’m going to do some shilling for the Vets@VT while I’m’ there, see if we can interest some companies in some veteran only opportunities in Tech.

Then once that is done and I get back to Blacksburg then it will be time to prep for my Thanksgiving trip up to visit some old friends in New Hampshire.


Well it is almost my bed time and I have to get up early and do some homework.

First Week Down

The first week of classes are over. I worked through part of the homework, and there is still more to do. And the topper is that there I have a Circuit Analysis test next week. Hopefully I can do the homework and make my equation sheet and ace this test.

Also this week I need to start my Circuit Analysis Lab. Hopefully I wont blow up too many circuits 🙂


Almost time for bed, I have three classes in the morning.

Time to Fly

My flight is tonight, I like flying overnight when heading East. this way I can get into Roanoke in the morning then I can take care of business during the day.

As soon as I get back in to Blacksburg I will head down to campus and try to pick up my books and see people I need to see. Then get back to the apartment to get my packages I shipped and ordered from amazon.

On Monday I start the grind hopefully the spirit of my favorite electrical engineer can help me through my EE classes.

Summer Classes for the Classless

This last week I had three tests in three days. That was quite tiring. But it is over for now. One of the tests was a final so I’m now officially done with vector calculus.

But my biggest complain about these math classes is me. By the time the calculus class ended I was ready to end all three classes but I still have two weeks in the discrete class and four weeks in the differential equations class but I feel burnt out already.

Hopefully with the weekend off I can try to recharge myself enough to get these last two classes done and be ready to head back to Blacksburg.

Other than the math things, there isn’t too much going on in my life. Three math classes kind of forces you to devote most of your time to it. Now it is getting closer on leaving Los Angeles for who knows how long, I need to start deciding on the things I need to do here before I leave.