Tasting – Lucas & Lewellen Malbec

This is a Malbec wine from Santa Barbara County, California, USA. Even thought I’m in Blacksburg, Virginia right now in school, home is about an hour  away from where this wine was produced.
The wine is  a Lucas & Lewellen Malbec, from Santa Barbara County.  It was produced in the year 2009. It is 100%  malbec grapes.  I purchased it at the Vintage Cellar here in Blacksburg. I couldn’t find it on there website for a link and the exact price but other places are selling t for 17-22 dollars, but I’m sure I bought it for a lot less.

Here is a review on the web:

Decant this deep garnet wine and the complex, layered aromas will unfold.  The wine has blackberry jam characteristics, smoky wood nuances, white pepper spice, and a bright red fruit core.  The wine is made from select vines grown on a small portion of the esteemed Valley View Vineyard in Solvang, California.  The wine grapes are grown on perfectly manicured vines and the task of ripening Malbec is achieved through the sheer expertise of owner and grower Louis Lucas.  An uncommon convergence of landscape, climate and farming expertise here in our Valley View Vineyards has generated this phenomenal offering of single variety Malbec.  The wine is complex and delivers a lasting impression that is dominated by a smooth finish and intense flavors. 

I found the wine quite strong with its 14% alcohol, but it wasn’t just a sensation of burnning in my mouth. I did enjoy the deep red of the wine, as macabre as it sounds it did look like a glass of blood. Maybe a great wine for Halloween? I can taste a dark berry taste through the entire process of tasting the wine.

the first taste was alone, but I did try it with a bowl of beef stew. The beef complemented the wine and I would love to have this wine against with a hearty beef dinner.

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My first wine tasting.

On Thursday January 29, I went down to the Vintage Cellar in Blacksburg, Virginia. This is the first time I’ve ever been to a wine tasting. Since this tasting was put on for our class, fellow students were there and even had students from our class as pouring the wine for the tasting.  I’m looking forward to the tasting next week. 
I’m going to post the tasting notes from the Vintage Cellar so I will discuss my reviews of the different wines first, then I’ll post the notes. 
FontanaCandida Frascati – I found some lemon notes in the smell and in the taste. But I found more like a very sour lemon. When I tasted the wine I could feel the burn from the alcohol in the wine. I found it too “burny” for my taste.
Foxhollow Chardonnay – It was like any other California chardonnay, I was able to detect some light fruit taste. It wasn’t too strong and I would recommend it if someone was in the market for a chardonnay. I did like that there was no alcohol burn with it. 
B&G Chicken & Turkey Cotes du Rhone – This blended wine has a very nice red color. And it also has a strong burning sensation with each sip. I could smell and taste the cherry and a very slight taste of the liquorice. It is a good wine, but it isn’t for me. I found it way too strong for me. Well maybe for now, as I evolve my wine skills I might want to revisit some of these wine. 
Foxhollow Cabernet Sauvignon – I liked this wine, I found it quite grapey. It was very strong. I think, I should have bought a bottle of this wine and bring it back to my apartment to use as a base for a wine sauce for a steak, or as the base of a stew. But back to the wine, while the notes discuss all the complexity, I found it more of a strong single note. But don’t get me wrong, it is a nice note. 
OperaPrima Sparkling Moscato – This moscato is a sweet wine. But it is the right amount of sweet, not too sweet, but sweet enough. I like to think about it like a cup of English Breakfast with just the right amount of milk and sugar. I didn’t not any specific fruit flavors but I found it a very nice wine. In fact, out of the 5 wines sampled, I bought a bottle of this wine to enjoy later. 
So this is my first wine tasting. I’m still getting used to this I hope by May I’ll be a lot better at this. 
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Valentin Bianchi New Age Vino Bianco

My first wine…

This is a sweet wine from Argentina. It has a very fruity aroma, but doesn’t have a taste at all to me. All I taste is sweet. It has a very slight bubbles in the glass. I think if I was going to try this wine again I would try it with a slice of lime like some people have suggested.

The wine itself:
It is a blended wine made of
10% Sauvignon Blanc
90% Torrontes

It was made in Argentina in the Mendoza region.

I purchased it in Los Angeles for $12.99 and a second bottle for $0.05.

According to the BevMo website it is rated  as 88 points by Wilfred Wong.

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What am I doing here?

It is hard to believe that my experience with wine is actually not that much. I’ve drank in my day but it was either beer or liquor. My drinking days started just after I turned 21(yes really) I was in the Navy at the time as we pulled into Puerto Rico the day after my 21stbirthday. It was my friend’s job to get me drunk, but in Puerto Rico you aren’t thinking about wine, you are drinking a lot of rum. As a kid on a submarine wine was drink of the officers, not the enlisted man. I guess the stereotype of the snobby wine drinker was well entrenched.
But as I got older I started having wine a parties and other social functions. Not to mention champagne at midnight on New Year’s Eve. And now back in college I started drinking more than I normally did, but mostly just hard liquor. But after taking a class with Professor Boyer, and he discussed his love of wine, I figured if I was going to learn about wine, he was the perfect person to learn from.
I’m not completely removed from tasting different types of a single beverage. While in this class we are learning how to taste wine and discover all the subtle tastes.  With wine I find it difficult, but if it was different types of tea, it would be perfect for me. I have literally been drinking tea for almost 40 years. I can tell between black, white, green, teas. So I hope that I can use what I have learn through drinking nearly 100 different types of tea and apply that to wine.    
Well that is where I start, I hope this trek is successful.