Wine Tasting- Vintage Cellar 2/26/15

Another week of classes are done, and other great wine tasting at the Vintage Cellar. I did but a bottle of wine, but it wasn’t part of the tasting. I’m a sucker for a label, and this one had a dragon on it. (side note I was born in the year of the dragon) It was also Apple wine, so I picked it up, I’ll probably do a tasting of it during spring break when I can go through some of the wine backlog. 

This wine had the sweet, fruity nose on it but upon tasting it was quite dry. It was a tasty wine, and it didn’t matter that much to me that it was a dry wine. Although I prefer sweet wines I would drink this wine again. 

This is the time I’ve heard of a Pinot Gris. The one thing I took away from it was that it was hot hot hot. Now looking at the tasting notes I see why, it is 14% alcohol. I liked the red color of the wine, and it has that nice fruity nose, but like I said the taste was all burn in my mouth. 

 This was a very nice Merlot. It had that jammy fruty taste of cherry. It did has a little bit of a burn for me but it wasn’t too bad, especially right after the pinot gris. 
Crane Lake Petite Sirah 2013
I really enjoyed the color of this wine, it was a nice red/purple.  It had a nice taste of fruit, I couldn’t say which fruit, I just knew it was fruity.  It did have a bite to it and was a little harsh but not too bad. I compared it to the Boom Boom syrah  I had previously tasted and this one packed a bigger punch. 

Crane Lake Riesling 2013
And once again this is my favorite wine of the group. It was fruity and floral. It wasn’t sickly sweet, but it was sweet. I really enjoyed it. If I was going to buy wine from this tasting this is the one I would have bought. But I still have a bottle of Moscato to drink first.
Once again thank you to the fine people at the Vintage Cellar for putting on another great wine tasting for our class. My next task for myself is to try to buy some dry wines and start to move away from my wine comfort zone. Thank you for taking the time to read 

Wine Tasting – Vintage Cellar 2/19/15

Once again I find myself at the Vintage Cellar on Tuesday for a wine tasting. Once again I didn’t buy any of the wines that were tasted, not because I didn’t enjoy them but because I still have quite a few bottles I need to drink through first.

LeJade SauvignonBlanc 2013

This was a nice fruity smelling wine, with a fruit taste to match. I think my mind was playing tricks on me with this wine since I tasted sweet and it felt dry at the same time. I think I was fooled that it was sweet because of the fruit taste and I think it was dry.

This wine was weird to me, I didn’t taste or smell anything I could discern. If I was blindfolded I might have thought it was water that was spiked with a little alcohol. In looking at the tasting notes, it mentions that pairs well with Thai food, I should try that since I cook a lot of Thai food here in Blacksburg. (Living in a Thai home for 20 years you pick up a few of cooking tips) 
Riebeek Cellars Shiraz 2013
This wine has such a nice purple color, it has a very slight fruity nose and taste. I also had a slight burn to it, but that is expected since it is a pretty strong wine. I honestly expected more of a punch from this wine.
It has a nice red color to it. I did enjoy the nose on this wine, it was quite fruity, mostly cherry to me. It did have a slight burn to it, but it wasn’t enough to make it something that I wouldn’t want to drink. I think just in time this slight burn will just not be that much of a problem. 
I loved this wine, I know that sweet wines are for the beginners and “real” wine people shun sweet wines, but forget them. I like sweet wines, I have a huge sweet tooth and since I’m drinking wine for me I’ll drink what I like. But off the rant and back to this wine, it was very floral and perfumey.  It wasn’t as sweet as the muscato that was sampled a couple of weeks ago. I think I might go and pick up a couple bottles of this in the future and take home to enjoy with friends and family back home.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and enjoy some wine soon. I know I will. And once again thank you to the Vintage Cellar for hosting the wine tasting.  

Wine Tasting – Belcreme de Lys

This is a oak-aged chardonnay that I bought on the recommendation of the wine manager at the local supermarket here in Blacksburg. I asked Dennis two a oaked-aged chardonnay so I could taste the difference between a non oak-aged chardonnay and one that is oak-aged. I opened this bough over the snow day we had here at Virginia Tech. Overall I liked the wine. I could smell the fruit flavors in the wine and I could taste the creamy mouth feel of the wine. My only problem with the wine was that it was a little hot for me, but most wines are for me since I’m not a huge alcohol drinker. I would drink this wine again. I think my cousin back in Los Angeles would enjoy this wine and I’ll recommend it to her.

But that is just me here is what a expert says:

I wish I was able to taste the creme brulee, since I’m a fan. Here is the facts and a link to buy it yourself.

2013 Belcreme De Lys

Year: 2013
Producer: Belcreme De Lys
Varietal: Chardonnay
Region: Central Coast, California

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Wine Tasting – Vintage Cellar 2-12-2015

 Another week and another wine tasting. A quick spoiler alert, I didn’t buy any of the wines in the tasting this week. It wasn’t because I didn’t enjoy them, but mostly because simply I have way too much wine at my apartment and I need to clear the backlog. And with the snow coming this week I might just have time to drink up.And as always, thank you Vintage Cellar for doing the wine tasting for us.

Santa Luz Sauvignon Blanc 2013
I found this wine to to be very sweet smelling, which means it was very fruity. And the taste was just as fruity as the nose had led me to believe. It was a pretty straight forward wine, I did enjoy it. 

This was a weird one for me.The nose to me was spicy, but as I drank it, it was sweet. It was like the wine was playing a trick on me. I think I’m going to have to investigate further in the future.  

San Elias Carmenere 2014
This was another fruity wine, with the taste of berries. The wine itself was light but then delievered a burn to my mouth. Out of the grouping I think this might have been my least favorite because of the burn.  

I couldn’t really taste any of the flavors in the wine, but it was smooth and nice. I enjoyed it even without being able to discern the unique flavors. 
The wine was a very nice pink color. I did enjoy the taste, it was fruity with no burn. I could drink this all the time. The tasting notes mention to try this wine with spicy Asian food. I cook a lot of Thai food so I think I might have to try it out one of these days. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

Wine tasting- Boom Boom Syrah

Charles Smith Boom Boom Syrah 2013

Another wine I brought back from Los Angeles to Blacksburg. I had the wines wrapped up in towels and in jumbo zip locks. The TSA check the bag, I could only imagine if this was the first bottle they opened to check and saw the picture of the bomb. I should have been smarter.

As you can tell in the pic the bottle is empty, I forgot to take a picture of the bottle before I finished it off.

I really enjoyed the wine, I loved the color of it, it was this deep purple and had an earthy nose to it. It has a very cherry and berry taste to it. I did decant the wine at lunchtime and drank it at dinner, so I decanted fir for about 5 hours, then poured it back into the bottle.

There was no real difference drinking the wine before dinner and while eating. I was eating a simple pasta dinner, pasta with oyster sauce and sweet soy sauce.  I think I’ll have to get this bottle again when I get back to Los Angeles.

Well that is all I have to say about the wine lets see what the professionals say:

WS90 Wine Spectator“Fresh, lively and sleek, with red berry, raspberry and spice box flavors in a neat package, lingering expressively”

Now the facts:

  • Grape: Syrah
  • Region: USA/ Washington/ 
  • Producer: Charles Smith
  • Price: $19.99
  • Where to buy:  

    Enjoy and thanks for reading,



Wine tasting Mulderbosch Cabernet Sauvignon Rose 2013

I brought this wine back with me from Los Angeles. I think I may have mentioned this before but I think I’ll say it again. I flew back from LA with two bags, the first was full of clothes and other stuff to bring back to school. The other was filled with wine. Now on to the wine, it id a pretty tasty wine. Not too strong and a pleasure to drink alone and with khao man gai (homemade I must add)

When I first drank the wine before eating, the wine was very sweet smelling and tasted just as sweet and dry. I found that drinking the wine while eating really didn’t change the flavor of they wine but it did help cut down the spiciness from the sauce. As a testament to how much I enjoyed the wine I quickly realized I had drank half the bottle. But what do I know, I’m still new at this… let’s see what the pros have to say:

I simply get a bit of strawberry, with fruit punch on the finish.
On the negative side, this wine lacks depth. It is simply not that complex, but a pleasant sipper nonetheless.

On the positive side, it dries out with food, is versatile, and is one of three varietals I would suggest go very well with Thanksgiving dishes (rose, pinot noir and gewürztraminer). Marc Bona

When I remembered to take a picture…

 So when this is all said and done I would recommend this wine to a newbie (like myself) in the wine game. It isn’t too strong and quite tasty.  I did enjoy the fruity taste and nose of the wine and was glad that it didn’t have that strong bite some wines have.

If I’ve convinced you to give it a shot you can buy it here.

Here is the facts:
Country: South Africa
Region: Coastal Region
Sub-Region: Stellenbosch
Grape Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Type: Still wine
Price:  $13.99

And as always thank you for taking the time to read,

Wine Tasting Vintage Cellar 2/5/2015

Another week another sets of wines to try courtesy of the Vintage Cellar. This week we started in Austria then down to South America with a stop in Argentina. Then we went home (well home for me) to California. Then a jump to Italy, then back to California. 

Hugl GrünerVeltliner 2013 This wine looks very nice with a  light pale color. I didn’t really taste anything with it. Was it just that plain or was I not able to discern the subtle notes of the wine. Most likely it is the second. I think it is a great wine for someone with a fuller defined pallet than me. I might come back after the course and try it again a see if I can detect more from it.

Maipe Torrontes 2013 This Argentine wine is quite fruity. It is a pretty strong wine in terms of acidity and the burn in the mouth as you taste it. I did taste some Jasmine hints from it. I wish I had bought a bottle of this wine, I think I would love to have matched with with some Jasmine green tea I have with Jasmine flowers in it. I think that that combination would be great. 

Canyon Road Pinot Noir This wine is like drinking your daily allotment of fruit. It is quite smooth too, I am not regretting that I didn’t buy a bottle of this. I might have to do this next week. I think if you were going to introduce someone to red wine, you couldn’t go wrong with this one.

Resonata NeroD’Avola 2013  I enjoyed the taste of this wine with out really being able to tell what I was tasting. I know that sounds odd, but it is like when you eat a meal that you don’t know what you are eating before. But this wine had an amazing color to it, a deep red. In the tasting notes it is recommended with barbecued meats, makes me wish that I had a steak to go along with it.

Canyon Road Moscato I think I have a type… a type of wine. I really enjoyed this Moscato, and I really enjoyed the Moscato last week, so much so that I bought a bottle of it.  And I bought a bottle of this Moscato. I think I know why I really enjoyed this wine, it reminded me of tea. I tasted rose just like a black rose tea that has black tea and rose bulbs. Since I have this wine and I think I have some Rose tea. I think I might have to experiment and see if I can make a new drink. 
Thank you for reading this review of the tasting from just a normal guy.  Once again thank you Vintage Cellar.