Shake Shack < In n Out But it is Pretty Close

Sorry pics of the Shake Shack food. It was good an I was hungry and ate it too quickly.

My cousin asked me if it was better than In n Out, it isn’t but it is pretty close.

The one is Vegas when I got in line was pretty short there were only two people in line in front of me and I was able to get a table.  I got a double Smoke Stack, cheese fries, and a root beer float.

I usually have a rule about not eating at places in Vegas that I can have in LA, but I think I might make an exception for Shake Shack.


Treasure Island Review

Treasure Island was ok. The suite was nice, way too big for just me, I had two bathrooms. One had one a shower and the other had a hot tub. I’m glad I stayed there once.

I’m not sure if the bottle kind of turned me off to the Treasure Island. The casino was ok, but I didn’t play too much. I like that it had a nice Starbucks right outside.

I didn’t like having to having to show my key to get to the elevators all the time.

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Heading to Vegas… Alone

I need to get out of LA, well more like I just want to be alone for a few days. Someone is always at the house I flew to Vegas on a cheap South West flight.

I decided to treat myself, I got a petite suite at Treasure Island for two nights. I got a free upgrade to a tower suite. It was way too big for me but I did enjoy it.

After I leave TI I booked a room for three nights at New York New York.

I’ll talk more about TI and New York New York later.


Hopefully this will give me a chance to relax and process things and then when I get back I can finish the things I need to do. I lost a semester of school, so I plan on taking a full load of classes over the summer to make sure that I am ready to get back on track toward graduating.


I went to my fist convention. It was pretty fun, we only went for one day but i think I only needed one day at WonderCon. We went to a Wynonna Earp panel for the new show. I didn’t have any interest in it before the panel but afterward I’m in.

We also went to an Orphan Black panel cause Stephanie is a fan. It didn’t make me want to watch the show but the guys on the panel we pretty funny.

Sadly I ended up not buying anything. I did look for some Highlander swords but no one was selling them.

2016-03-27 00.23.20