I started my second of three math classes for the summer, discrete math. I am enjoying it so far since it is not that much calculations but more like theories behind math. With one exception, matrix multiplication.

Now here is where I might have to turn in my degree in History because I was able to do matrix multiplication and addition for 3×3 and 2×3 matrices in my head.

I wish I was as capable in calculus, I am doing somewhat well but it is a lot of number crunching.

Well I did get a lot of math done today and planning on knocking out  4 sections and a quiz tomorrow.

1st Week down

I forgot how fast a summer math class goes. I’m actually running ahead of schedule right now. The next quiz is due Thursday and I’ll probably be through all the homework for it by Monday so I might actually take a day off, or I might just keep chugging alone trying to keep going as far ahead as possible before the next class starts up.

It is also good to have the math class to help keep my mind of things although it would have been nice to have her here to see that I’m doing well. Well hopefully she is watching over me.



How Hard Can They Make it… to Take a Test

I’m taking three online math classes, every other time I’ve taken an online class you can do everything from home. But NOVA (Northern Virginia Community College) wants you to go into a testing center. I get it, you want to prevent cheating, but I’m in Los Angeles, an older student, a veteran. Cut me some slack and trust that I’ll take my test with honor.

So one of the options was to find a professor to proctor for me, it is summer can you find a full time professor (yes it had to be a full time professor) I asked my old boss who runs the office in the History department at CSUN to ask and she could do it. She said no problem she would be happy to help me. NOVA said no.

What is the point of online classes when you HAVE TO GO TO THE CAMPUS TO TAKE THE TEST?

So my options were to drop the classes or fly back to Virginia. No community college in Los Angeles are offering the three classes I was taking.

Well after contacting the testing center at CSUN they agreed to proctor me so the crisis is adverted for now.


My first math class starts Monday, I already have

  • Forum Posting
  • Syllabus Quiz
  • Quiz 1
  • Quiz A
  • Quiz B
  • Quiz C
  • Homework 13.1
  • Homework 13.2
  • Homework 13.3

And that is all due Thursday. I need a second monitor. And there is a another set of things due Sunday. It is going to be a rough road.

The End of the Road

Starting in June, if you go to Las Vegas and want to park at any on the MGM properties, well you will have to pay for parking.  Free parking, cheap food, and free drinks were the ways the casinos would lure people to Las Vegas.

The cheap food has pretty much gone away (although you can still get a 99 cent shrimp cocktail at the Golden Gate casino) but the quality of the food has surpassed the need for cheap food. Some of the best meals I’ve had were in Las Vegas.

Free drinks will always be a thing in Las Vegas, a drunk gambler will bet more. I’m guessing on that but I’m sure the casinos have done studies.

Free parking, well not at the MGM resorts, the way I see it if hotel rooms are pretty much the same across the strip then extra 50 dollars that you will have to pay for parking might just make a difference. I wonder if enough people stop visiting the MGM properties if they will stop the parking fees?


I’m Breaking Up With You GrubHub.

I have been using GrubHub since November 2014 (although I thought it was earlier) and all my orders had been done quickly and without a lot of trouble. Both here in Los Angeles and at my apartment in Blacksburg.

Well that was until last night. I order from a local Mexican restaurant that I’ve ordered from in the past. First, the food was fine except that you can tell it was made quickly and then it waited.

I placed the order at 8pm and I was told it would be here at 9pm Great no problem.  Then the time for delivery pushed back to 11:30pm That is when I tweeted GrubHub and they said it would be there about 9:15pm and then they offered me a 5 doll off coupon. The food finally arrived at 9:45pm and like I said before you can tell it had been made earlier.

I think they should have just refunded me my order, because that coupon was more like a slap in the face than anything else.

So good-bye GrubHub


PS I have a 5 dollar off coupon that expires on June 4th. Send me a message if you want it.

Talk About a Pain in the Head

On Wednesday I woke up with a massive headache. At first I thought it was just a migraine and I laid down and took my migraine medicine. Normally that quickly takes care of the headache. But this time the headache stayed and it even got worse. I had no idea what was causing it until I turned my neck, it pop and the headache went way… for a minute. Then it came back, but I just massaged my neck and eventually the headache felt better. I guess it was from sleeping wrong with my neck crooked and it pinched a nerve.


But now I’m feeling a lot better.