Spring Cleaning in the Summertime

Time for a digital cleaning, I cleaned out most of my Direct Messages on Twitter. Unfollowed people who weren’t adding to my happiness on Twitter. And I deleted other social networks that weren’t making me happy.

Now I still have my Facebook because that is how I communicate with my friends here in Los Angeles while I’m in Blacksburg. And my friends and family that have spread themselves around the globe.

I highly advise people to do this. Why spend the precious time you have being miserable?



Blood != Family

If you know me and chances are you do if you are reading my ramblings. You know the my wife died at the beginning of this years and we had bought a house with me, her, her mom, her cousin and husband, and her grandmother.  Well I’m still living here in the same house (until I head back to Virginia)

People have asked me why I haven’t moved out, people have asked them why they let me stay here. The short answer is that we are family and just because the connecting bond is gone, that doesn’t change anything. I’ve been part of their family for over 20 years. We are all grieving and why should we grieve separately when we can all help each other.

While my family has offered to help me but they want me to reach out to them, her family always reaches out to me to make sure I’m ok.



PS != mean not equal to in most programming languages.

Just Checking In

I don’t post as often as I like simply because I don’t really do anything noteworthy these days. Not because I’m refusing to go out or otherwise not wanting to go out, but simply because I’m taking three math classes over the summer and my days are pretty much doing math.

Thankfully the first class is almost done. Then the second one will be close behind then I just have to finish tackling differential equations.

Well time to finish watching @midnight then bed.

Working Too Hard

I spent most of the day working on my three math classes, and now I have a headache. Time for a break and some Tylenol. And time to work on multiple integrals tomorrow.

I was able to get through the differential Equations work today and half of my discrete math work. The calculus is proving to be a little more difficult, I don’t know why it isn’t sinking in.


But tomorrow is another day.

June Gloom in Full Effect

Today I was working on my math stuff and looked at my phone and on the lock screen showed that it was raining. I looked out the window and it was raining in Los Angeles, I was shocked. But now that I think about it it is a good thing. Tomorrow is going to be a rough day for me, tomorrow I would have been married 13 years. And I’m not married anymore, I’m not a widower.

At least it is good to have the weather join me in the gloominess.