What to do?

Things I need to do.

  • Mexican food (Las Fuentes and/or El Presidente)
  • Thai food
  • Sushi (Revolving sushi in Hollywood or the place next to CSUN)
  • Korean BBQ (The place on Van Nuys or in Koreatown)
  • Daiso (Northridge) (Done)
  • 626 Night Market
  • Go into Hollywood (Done)
  • Go to the Beach (again)
  • Derby Dolls (maybe)
  • Dim Sum (probably the place in Arcadia)
  • See my Dad and brother. (Done)
  • See Kelly
  • And most importantly In n Out (Done)

I’m sure there is more things I need to do I’ll update as needed.


Summer Classes for the Classless

This last week I had three tests in three days. That was quite tiring. But it is over for now. One of the tests was a final so I’m now officially done with vector calculus.

But my biggest complain about these math classes is me. By the time the calculus class ended I was ready to end all three classes but I still have two weeks in the discrete class and four weeks in the differential equations class but I feel burnt out already.

Hopefully with the weekend off I can try to recharge myself enough to get these last two classes done and be ready to head back to Blacksburg.

Other than the math things, there isn’t too much going on in my life. Three math classes kind of forces you to devote most of your time to it. Now it is getting closer on leaving Los Angeles for who knows how long, I need to start deciding on the things I need to do here before I leave.

Independence Day

I’m about to celebrate my independence from Vector Calculus, my final is on Wednesday. I spent most of my day studied, and depressing myself with how much I forgot from the being of the semester you know back in May.

On better things, I went to Santa Monica Sunday. We went down to the beach and hung out there for a little while and walked around the shops in the area. There is a British pub and gift shop there and they are one of the few places in Los Angeles that sells Coffee Crisp (even though it is Canadian and not British) On our way back to the car from the metro we decided to hit up a doughnut shop in Santa Monica. They were great. 2016-07-03 19.18.54 2016-07-04 11.32.38Yes that is bacon on top of the Doughnut.