First Week Down

The first week of classes are over. I worked through part of the homework, and there is still more to do. And the topper is that there I have a Circuit Analysis test next week. Hopefully I can do the homework and make my equation sheet and ace this test.

Also this week I need to start my Circuit Analysis Lab. Hopefully I wont blow up too many circuits 🙂


Almost time for bed, I have three classes in the morning.

Time to Fly

My flight is tonight, I like flying overnight when heading East. this way I can get into Roanoke in the morning then I can take care of business during the day.

As soon as I get back in to Blacksburg I will head down to campus and try to pick up my books and see people I need to see. Then get back to the apartment to get my packages I shipped and ordered from amazon.

On Monday I start the grind hopefully the spirit of my favorite electrical engineer can help me through my EE classes.

This is The End, My Only Friend, The End

My time in Los Angeles is coming to an end. In the beginning I thought this was going to be the last time I was going to be living in Los Angeles. But as it gets the closer I realize that while I lost my wife, someone so close to me, I’ve been forgetting all the people that are still in Los Angeles and I don’t want to abandon them. Well I have some times in Blacksburg to figure this all out.

I’m going to miss LA but I’m looking forward to getting back to work.


My Summer Classes Are Done.

Now it is time to relax… for a couple of weeks.


One thing I need to do is go up to CityWalk here in LA and buy a present for my friend. She helped me out by filling out some paperwork to help me out dealing with Virginia Tech paperwork (hopefully for the last time)

She likes Harry Potter, so I will buy her some thing from Universal. Maybe a wand. I’m not a Harry Potter fan so I’m not sure what to get.

Tomorrow I plan on working in the garage, something I haven’t been able to since May.

Woo Hoo

I’m just about done with my summer classes. Tomorrow afternoon I take my last final, and then it is almost time for me to head back to Virginia.

This is probably the most pack weekend I’ll have in a long time.

  • Friday going out to dinner with friends.
  • Saturday spending the day exploring the city on the LA Metro.
  • Sunday might be going out to eat with my cousin and friends.
  • Monday My mom wants to take the subway to the beach so I’ll be her guide.

The boxes to send back are just about packed. My luggage is packed. I just need to pack my backpack and be on my way.