Coming up to Periscope Depth

This has been a pretty busy week. I just finished my first major design project for my Introduction to Computer Engineering class. Then I had a lab for Circuit Analysis, and a test for the Circuit Analysis lecture. I still have homework to do but I left that book on campus so I’ll have to do it tomorrow. So for a little bit tonight I get to catch my breath, relax then start it all over again tomorrow.

My trip to the SWE conference is rapidly approaching I need to start getting my stuff together. I’m going to do some shilling for the Vets@VT while I’m’ there, see if we can interest some companies in some veteran only opportunities in Tech.

Then once that is done and I get back to Blacksburg then it will be time to prep for my Thanksgiving trip up to visit some old friends in New Hampshire.


Well it is almost my bed time and I have to get up early and do some homework.

Happy Birthday

My birthday is coming up as I write this it is about an hour and half from now. I used to love my birthday, Loved all the people taking time of their schedules to send me a quick note.

But that is all gone, now I’m dreading it. Because the one person I was to get a text, or a tweet, or a Facebook post is gone. I’ll never get to hear her voice again. I am alone.

I know I have friends that tell me I’m not alone, but at the end of the day it isn’t true, they have families and lie’s that don’t involve me. If push comes to shove thy have many more things that are more important to then than me.

I don’t say this as an insult to my friends, but simply that I know that I’m not the top priority in their life.


One last note to my friends, just let me mope today, I’ll be fine in time but today just hurts more than normal. Think of the person most important to you and now imagining on your birthday you know you will never hear from them again. That is how I’m feeling. Just be glad you only have to imagine that and not live it like me.