How Hard Can They Make it… to Take a Test

I’m taking three online math classes, every other time I’ve taken an online class you can do everything from home. But NOVA (Northern Virginia Community College) wants you to go into a testing center. I get it, you want to prevent cheating, but I’m in Los Angeles, an older student, a veteran. Cut me some slack and trust that I’ll take my test with honor.

So one of the options was to find a professor to proctor for me, it is summer can you find a full time professor (yes it had to be a full time professor) I asked my old boss who runs the office in the History department at CSUN to ask and she could do it. She said no problem she would be happy to help me. NOVA said no.

What is the point of online classes when you HAVE TO GO TO THE CAMPUS TO TAKE THE TEST?

So my options were to drop the classes or fly back to Virginia. No community college in Los Angeles are offering the three classes I was taking.

Well after contacting the testing center at CSUN they agreed to proctor me so the crisis is adverted for now.

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