Is Eight Months Too Early?

I’m starting to plan for the rest of the year. In August I’ll flay back to Virginia and attend classes at Virginia Tech for the Fall semester. In the end of October,  I’m flying up to Philadelphia for the SWE National Conference. Then after the Fall semester ends I trying to decide want to do. I thought about just staying in Virginia alone at the apartment and relaxing. I thought about flying back to LA and essentially being alone at the house. Then I thought about going to Vegas for a few days then flying to LA for the New Year and then head back to Virginia. Then I though why not go somewhere else. Maybe somewhere I’ve never been with my wife so there aren’t bad memories.  So looking at places that are pretty cheap from Virginia. I decided on Toronto. Round trips look around 350 dollars and I found a hotel for less than 100 dollars a night. And it would be nice to get my passport stamped before I need to get it renewed in 2017.

So that is where I’m thinking about my travel plans for the rest of the year.

All good things…

Most stories have a happy beginning. Mine did back in 1994 I was a young kid in high school and I met someone who quickly became a good friend and then we started dating the same day OJ ran. She put up with me while I was in the navy for 4 years and we moved in together when I got out and we went to college together. We had our rough patches but at the end of the day we were together. We eventually got married because I needed insurance and she needed a tax cut.

After some time I couldn’t find a teaching job in Southern California she pushed me to go back to school and start studying programming. She thought that I could do well at it. She was right, she always was right. At the SWE national conference in Houston I met Dr. Bev Watford of Virginia Tech and she talked me into applying and I did. I was accepted and I found myself moving across the country to go back to school while my wife would stay in Los Angeles.

My first semester at Tech my mom passed away from cancer. She had been fighting for four years but she was too tired to fight on and she gave up. I don’t blame her I doubt I would be strong enough to fight that long.

After my mom died I went back to Blacksburg and my wife was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. It has spread to her lungs. She told me to stay at school because “if something happens to me, you need to be able to take care of yourself.” She was right. It stayed in the back of my mind that I thought I had more time with her, but I was wrong. On January 5, 2016 she stopped breathing, she died in the hospital bed as I stood next to her.

I am alone. Not really, her cousin who was more like a sister to her was there. As soon as I called her mom her entire family came. I told my dad and all the feeling he had from my mom and my wife hit him. I told him to stay home I know he wanted to be there for his youngest son, but he needed to take care of himself at that moment.

Any time anyone asked me about our relationship, I simply said, she is my best friend… even now she still is.